HR300 Horizontal Resaw

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Quality, Single-head Resaw
Heavy-duty single head horizontal resaw with steel belt conveyor, 0 - 30 m/min variable feed, angled side rollers, 8° tilting saw head, and 250 mm x 635 mm cant capacity.
상세 설명 HR300 Horizontal Resaw

This quality, single-head resaw was designed to run all day for many years.

The steel track and heavy duty construction makes for a machine that will need minimal maintenance. Angled side rollers pull material tight against the belt and the sawing head can tilt to produce angled material.

The compact size and simple operation will fit seamlessly into high production operations to small workshops.

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특징 HR300 Horizontal Resaw
견적서 요청 HR300 Horizontal Resaw

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