HR1000 Horizontal Resaw

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Complete, High-end Resaw

High-end, modular multi-head horizontal band resaw with steel belt conveyor, spiked feed rollers, optional merry-go-round, and 305mm x 305mm cant capacity. Configurable from one to six heads.

상세 설명 HR1000 Horizontal Resaw

Choose from one to six heads on this high-end resaw with potential to produce up to seven boards at once. This machine easily integrates into existing systems and has a small footprint so you can maximize your space. The powered hold-down rollers ensure tight tolerances for the most precise requirements. An optional Merry-Go-Round (MGR) system can be added to automate the entire process of breaking down larger cants.


  • Productive - saws up to seven boards in one pass using thin-kerf technology.
  • Tough - tackles any species from frozen to kiln dried.
  • Accurate - Steel track conveyor keeps cuts accurate.
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특징 HR1000 Horizontal Resaw
견적서 요청 HR1000 Horizontal Resaw

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