Command Control with Accuset 2 Setworks

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The Command Control puts you at a fixed location at the front of the mill and gives you the ability to control all head and hydraulic bed functions. Allowing you to sit or stand, this all-in-one operator station sends signals to the sawmill so each cut and log rotation is effortless. This option is available for LT40 Hydraulics with SimpleSet Setworks and LT40 Super Hydraulic and LT50 models with Accuset 2 Setworks. Also available on the electric powered LT70 which includes a pedestal allowing you to move the command control anywhere within 6' around the sawmill. This option is limited to a 6' bed extension on LT40, LT50, and LT70 models.
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견적서 요청 Command Control with Accuset 2 Setworks
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